Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mother's Day Giveaway!!

It's true. Mother's Day is on the 8th of May, so we put our heads together and came up with this fabulous event to give away some handmade jewelry.
There won't be just one winner in the giveaway, but three! You heard right. There will be three gift certificates, one for 100 $, one for 50 $ and one for 25 $.
You can choose one or more items from the different participating shops if you win one of them! Now is that cool or is that COOL?

It's really easy to enter. Go to the team blog, you'll find all the necessary information there!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The SATeam Wrist Candy Holiday Giveway has begun!

Several members of SATeam combined talents to create this beautiful holiday themed charm bracelet, and it’s looking for a good home on the wrist of one of our fabulous customers.

Artisan Holiday Charm Bracelet

Artisan Holiday Charm Bracelet

Artisan Holiday Charm Bracelet

So how can you win this gorgeous holiday charm bracelet? Each time you purchase an item from a participating Etsy shop, the shop owner will put your name into the draw to win this stunner. How easy is that?

The SATeam Holiday Sale begins today, October 26, 2009 and continues through December 6, 2009. You can find a list of the SATeam Etsy shops participating in the sale at the Starving Artists Blog. You can also find holiday sale items on etsy by searching for SATEAMWRIST

The SATeam blog features artisan handmade creations by the Etsy starving artists jewelry team. SATeam members create handcrafted jewelry and beads. More information about our team and its current etsy shop owner members can be found at

** I’m offering buy one focal get the second focal half off! Please type SATEAMWRIST in the notes to seller when checking out and I will refund the difference.. or contact me before purchasing and I will reserve your items at the sale price... Thank you!! **

Happy Holiday Shopping Everyone!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Featuring Colorado Artists

I have always been drawn to other artist's work.. especially Colorado artists! We all seem to be a little more connected to nature and it shows in our work and I decided I would like to share a few of my favorites. I will be featuring a new artist every 3-4 weeks.. Be sure to check back for more wonderful Colorado Eye Candy!

My first feature is Deb Babcock.. the talent behind Blue Sky Pottery.

Deb lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and having been there a little over a month ago... she has a beautiful environment to be inspired by!

Deb has studied under such renowned potters as Clary Illian, Meira Mathison, Sylvie Granitelli, Julia Galloway, Bonnie Seeman, Sarah Jaeger, and Sandi Pierantozzi.. and was honored last year to be asked to submit her work which is featured in Best Of America Pottery and Woodworking Artists & Artisans Vol.1 by Kennedy Publishing.

Deb sold her marketing research business in Michigan and moved to Colorado in 2000, she needed to find some new things to do and started volunteering for her local Arts Council. They offered a series of training classes for her in all the art disciplines and she fell in love with pottery and started taking classes at the local college and then summertime seminars at Anderson Ranch and other teaching centers.

Deb's style would be considered contemporary and whimsical. She likes brighter colors which is why she now works with porcelain. Its whiteness really sets off the glazes she makes. She likes to add embellishments and alterations to her pieces which give them a fun, organic look and feel.

Deb's work is consistantly evolving and becoming technically better as she continues to work at shapes and designs and colors that catch her eye or are in her imagination but not yet in her hands.

Her work is influenced by so much.....the beautiful mountains of Steamboat Springs, a book she has read, something someone says, places she has traveled to, a joke...all kinds of things trigger her amazing ideas.

Deb has been selling her beautiful pottery on Etsy for 3 years.. and I just love watching the beauty that she shares with us! You can view and purchase Deb's work on Etsy.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I just started my first of two pre-holiday sales..... The cool crisp air has been wonderful today...So wonderful that it has inspired my sale!! You really can't beat a day like this in Colorado! I will also be offering 20% off all custom orders through the end of the sale..

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Well.. I go from not blogging for months.. so long in fact that I can't get back in to my blog... to blogging twice in one day! But.. Hey.. I just found out that a set of my beads is the Fire Diva's Feature of the day.. How cool is that..

and if that isn't enough....

It must be something about these beads... I also found out that this same set of beads is part of another forum's "Hot Topics" Creepy Queen Magazine.. Check it out.. the collection of items the author chose from Etsy are very cool!

This is where I want to be today!

I could play with the squirrlizer all day..... and I have SO much to do! If I could be anywhere today.. THIS is where I would be... and I would happily take along a lot of nuts for my furry friend!

If you are looking for a way to waste YOUR time.... :-) and have fun.... where you can squirrelize your own photo...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fall is in the air.......

Fall is in the air.... well it was until yesterday when the temperature hit 98 degrees! Summertime in Colorado has many unusual weather patterns. This summer has been unusually cool.. No temperatures above 100 and very few days in the 90's.. It has been wonderful! Our big maple tree that sits outside of my studio was damaged during our terrible hail storm last month, and I am thinking I won't be able to enjoy the gorgeous color that it usually provides each Fall.. So I made my own beautiful Fall leaves.. Just in case!

To see these a little closer.. take a peek by clicking here.